Wizard Games Favi
Blueprint for Wizard Games’ Technological Edge
February 13, 2024

As seen on Gaming Eminence

In your new role as Director of Games Technology at Wizard Games, how do you envision leveraging your experience as the former Chief Technology Officer for The Better Platform to drive technical excellence in game development? Are there specific methodologies or practices you’re particularly keen on introducing to elevate the studio’s approach to software development?

Upon joining Wizard, I was immediately impressed by the exceptional team of highly talented individuals. This meant that there was no immediate need for significant alterations. During my time at The Better Platform, I had the privilege of initiating numerous platforms from the ground up, free from the constraints of an extensive roadmap demanded by a large client base. By leveraging that experience, I think I will be able to introduce more agile approach when creating games with new, innovative mechanics.

Given your extensive background in software development, how do you see the current landscape of technology influencing the trajectory of iGaming studios, and what unique challenges and opportunities do you anticipate for Wizard Games as it strives to stay at the forefront of innovation in 2024?

The iGaming industry is incredibly dynamic, demanding studios to continually release content and remain at the forefront of emerging trends. To meet these demands, I strongly advocate for prioritising creative tasks where our team members can really add value. To maximise efficiency and minimise the likelihood of human errors, it’s crucial to automate manual and repetitive tasks as extensively as possible. This approach not only enhances motivation among our teams, but also ensures a minimal margin for human errors. 

Quality assurance is a critical aspect of game development. Can you share insights into your approach for ensuring top-notch quality in Wizard Games’ products, especially in the context of the ever-evolving expectations from players and the competitive nature of the iGaming industry?

Quality assurance is undeniably one of the most pivotal aspects of software development, particularly within the context of iGaming where the financial interests of both players and operators are on the line. We are currently in the process of devising an extensive plan to maximise our test automation coverage. By doing so, our QA team will have the capacity to dedicate more of their time to polishing the user experience of our products, thereby ensuring the highest standards of quality in this critical industry.

With Wizard Games being recognised for its impressive releases in 2023, can you shed light on the types of new technologies or advancements in game design that you foresee playing a pivotal role in shaping the next wave of releases? How do you plan to balance pushing boundaries while ensuring a seamless player experience? 

We are always looking to find new ways to empower our game creators and with that in mind, we are currently developing an expansive toolset which will empower our art and frontend teams. This toolset will enable them to deliver captivating assets and animations for our games, ensuring seamless performance across all devices and bandwidth conditions.

Considering the global reach of Wizard Games with titles certified for multiple jurisdictions, how do you approach the customisation of gamification tools to cater to diverse player preferences and regulatory requirements? Are there specific strategies in place to adapt content for different markets, and how do you see this evolving under your leadership in the realm of Games Technology?

Navigating the development of a global product, subject to varying regulations, is an ongoing challenge. My primary goal is to revamp our development tools to ensure that our releases are immediately relevant in every market from day one. Furthermore, we want our older releases to seamlessly enter new markets without the need for additional development efforts.