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Mert Mazmanci: Innovation in Slots
June 5, 2023

As seen on CasinoBeats

At Wizard Games we obsessively focus on player behaviours. As game developers, we are constantly engaged in a quest to capture the zeitgeist in terms of what appeals most and we do this through the examination of data to find out what is and isn’t performing well and identify key trends around themes and math models, which we can then implement at the game development stage. This makes our process iterative rather than innovative, until we find something so successful it births a wave of copy-cats at which point, maybe we can celebrate an innovation!

Whilst it’s also very important to conduct fulsome competitor and market analyses, the producer’s imagination is the key aspect and it’s vital that they add their heart into a game. If you can capture a feeling or trigger a strong emotion, then you can connect with players. Analytics are very important, but games must have a certain level of passion within them to be successful, otherwise, they won’t hold the attention.

We developed and implemented DigiDrop and LayerWays recently and we were intrigued to find out what the player reaction would be. After seeing that it was positive, we tweaked both mechanics and have paired them with new ones as well, on other titles on our upcoming roadmap. Not every new mechanic will be a hit so it’s vital that as developers, we take care to examine how players experienced them so that we can provide for them better in the future.