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Surtr’s Fury – Slotsjudge Q&A
May 9, 2024

Spokesperson – Dimitar Panteleev – Director of Games Technology

As seen on Slotsjudge

Congratulations on the release of Surtr’s Fury, can you start by giving us a brief overview of this slot and what makes it special?

Thank you! Surtr’s Fury is a special game for us because it’s our very first anywhere pays slot, something we have been extremely keen on doing for some while. So far, it’s performing brilliantly and has given us great confidence in our ability to develop new anywhere pays titles in the future.

In terms of the overall gameplay, everything revolves around the Tumbling Tiles mechanic which sees winning symbols automatically removed from the reels. This allows for brand-new symbols to drop into place and form new winning combinations.

We’ve also included all of the key staples you would hope to find in a strong slot release such as win multipliers and free spins where multipliers are collected throughout the bonus.

Surtr’s Fury is amongst the very best games we’ve ever released and I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t yet played it to give it a spin. We promise you will absolutely love it!

We’ve seen plenty of slots based on popular mythical gods, but what inspired you to create a slot about Surtr in particular?

Norse mythology is a huge staple of iGaming culture. It’s up there with classic themes such as Irish and Fishing slots. Players love them and rightly so!

The main reason we opted to go with Surtr, leader of the fire giants, is because he hasn’t been utilised in any game before, unlike other Norse figures such as Thor, Odin, Freyja and Loki. These characters are all fantastic in their own right, but it was nice to be able to introduce someone new.

Surtr was known for setting the whole world on fire, which is no mean feat! For this release, we wanted to throw players into an intense Norse adventure that offers a thrill-a-minute.

What were the key ingredients you purposely included in this game in order to ensure that it succeeded?

To be honest, there’s no sole ingredient that has made Surtr’s Fury a success. This game’s success comes from a whole concoction of brilliant features and mechanics that make it what it is.

We crafted a brand-new game, engine and mechanics for this release, which certainly wasn’t the easiest thing for our development team to do but all of the hard work was worthwhile and it’s had a great impact in engaging players.

We were also mindful of getting the mathematics right. We made Surtr’s Fury a medium volatility game which meant players would enjoy a combination of exciting gameplay and a better chance of picking up more frequent wins.

Do you think unique mechanics are the future of online slots, or is there room for every type of game in this day and age?

I certainly think there’s room for new and unique mechanics. It’s only natural that slot games evolve as time goes on. If you look back a few years you will remember that the Megaways mechanic was the hot addition to any successful game. They were succeeded by Hold & Win mechanics which have been equally as popular with players.

Despite seeing clear trends around the type of games suppliers, operators and players gravitate towards, we firmly believe that there is room for a little bit of everything, especially new content.

One thing we pride ourselves on at Wizard Games is our ability to think outside of the box and create content that truly gets players excited. Our slots don’t always follow the norm and that’s okay! People are enjoying what we do, and we will continue to keep it that way!

Surtr’s Fury was your first anywhere pays slot, can we expect more games from Wizard that incorporate this mechanic?

Our roadmap features a host of unique titles boasting a multitude of themes and mechanics. Of course, we will look to develop more anywhere pays slots in the future as Surtr’s Fury has shown us that there’s a keen appetite for them… However, you should expect a little bit of everything from us in the coming months.