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Wizard Games – Surtr’s Fury – SlotsWise Q&A
March 26, 2024

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Spokesperson – Abhishek Singh, Game Producer at Wizard Games.

Your name and job description?

Abhishek Singh, Game Producer at Wizard Games.

Can you introduce yourself and Wizard Games to our readers?

As a Game Producer at Wizard Games, I lead in game development all the way from ideation to completion. Along with the support of my talented colleagues across multiple teams, I create engaging mechanics, memorable themes and catchy soundtracks for all of our games, ensuring that they provide a great level of entertainment for players.

What inspired the theme and storyline of the Sutr’s Fury slot?

Surtr’s Fury transports players to a flaming landscape, where Surtr himself, leader of the fearsome fire giants detailed in ancient Norse mythology, awaits. The story revolves around him summoning warriors (the players) to lead his elite battalion of troops into hellish battles at the end of time.

Games based on Norse mythology are loved by players globally, however we noted that there were no games based on Surtr, who had special role in Ragnarök where he sets the whole world on fire. Ultimately, we wanted to create a game which takes players into the heart of a fiery Norse adventure, and we’re confident we’ve achieved that!

Could you share some insights into the development process of the game?

We found that creating brand-new mechanics for Surtr’s Fury was a challenge, especially considering the development team had to start from scratch rather than utilising tried-and-tested mechanics from our previous releases. That being said, those initial hurdles were easy to overcome thanks to our fantastic team. Anything daunting quickly became easy and exciting.

I’d describe the overall development phase of Surtr’s Fury as a combination of anticipation and accomplishment, especially when it all came to completion in a truly fantastic manner.

How long did it take from concept to completion for the Sutr’s Fury slot?

Surtr’s Fury took three months to develop from start to finish. Initially we thought it might take longer, but all of our teams pulled together to ensure that we could complete it earlier than planned.

Can you describe the main features of Sutr’s Fury and how they contribute to the overall gameplay experience?

This slot is Wizard Games’ first-ever anywhere pays slot, which is a huge milestone for us. It’s something we’ve wanted to develop for quite some time, and we’re extremely excited about it.

The focal point of Surtr’s Fury is the Tumbling Tiles mechanic. Winning symbols are removed from the game and a whole host of new symbols land in their place, leading to exciting winning combinations. Random multipliers can also come into play leading to some impressive wins!

Of course, Surtr’s Fury also has a great Free Spins feature. During the bonus, multipliers are collected on a special multiplier meter and at the end of the feature wins are multiplied by the accumulated value.

If I had to describe the experience in one short sentence, I’d say that this game boasts a unique blend of features and mechanics that will get hearts racing as wins start to rack up!

What kind of special symbols can players expect in Sutr’s Fury, and what do they trigger?

It’s important that players keep a close eye on every single symbol that shows up in Surtr’s Fury… Because of the anywhere pays mechanic, any symbol can lead to some incredible combinations, again and again!

Naturally, scatter symbols also play a big part in this game. Should four or more scatters land at once, players will receive 15 free spins with impressive win multipliers up to 500x in play. Every time three or more scatters land during the bonus feature an additional five spins are awarded.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage and volatility level of Sutr’s Fury, and how do these affect the gameplay?

Surtr’s Fury is available with three different RTPs – 96.02%, 94.12% and 88.13%. This game has a medium volatility meaning it strikes a balance, offering a combination of moderate payouts and reasonably periodic wins. This means players will enjoy a mix of excitement on each and every spin while still having a good chance of winning substantial rewards.

How does Sutr’s Fury fit into the overall roadmap and future plans of Wizard Games?

We feel that adding a brand-new new game engine and mechanics into our portfolio sets us up for the best chance at success. We are releasing Surtr’s Fury during the first quarter of the year so that we can analyse player response, take note of behaviours and apply our findings to future games pencilled in for the rest of 2024.

What else can we expect to see from Wizard Games in the upcoming months?

We won’t give away too much just yet, but what we can say is that our upcoming games will feature a whole host of different themes and versatile mechanics. We’ve been working incredibly hard to deliver exciting titles and we’re confident that players will enjoy what we have to offer!

Is there anything else you would like to share with fans awaiting the release of the Sutr’s Fury slot?

The entire Wizard team has put so much effort into the creation of this amazing fiery game. We are constantly working hard and focusing on improving the overall players experience, we sincerely hope fans enjoy Surtr’s Fury just as much as we enjoyed making it. We are VERY excited for this release.