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Not Just Slot Machine Games!
July 13, 2022

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Wizard Games is a brand launched by Pariplay, specializing in online slot machines but also with special attention to other popular table games such as Blackjack and Roulette. The success of the brand depends on satisfying the taste of the player: once you have taken a good look at Wizard’s catalog, it is difficult to be disappointed without having found any games to have fun with! Slots are Wizard’s strength: they have different themes, special mechanics, and very smooth gameplay. We find classic Egyptian-themed slots such as Luxor, passing through The Good, the Bad, the Wild, inspired by the great success of Sergio Leone, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, up to futuristic machines like Asteroids. The idea of ​​adding special games such as Instant Win games to the collection was a winning card.

This is exactly what we talked about in our interview this week with Deane Hendricks, Chief Operating Officer at Wizard Games. Together we have shared thoughts about the relationship between Wizard and Pariplay, the characteristics of Wizard products, and expectations for the future.

Wizard Games was founded in 2021 as Pariplay’s new in-house studio and operates as a distinctive business unit. How do you differ from Pariplay?

Pariplay is the leading online gaming aggregator and Wizard Games is the in-house studio driving creative content.

Can you tell us about your engagement tools that you offer operators? For example, we know that you include in your games bonus features like Wheel of Fortune and you also launched special tournaments.  

We’re definitely on point with regards to engagement, as we offer Bonus Buy, Double Chance and working on more! Other promotion tool types are available via our Fusion aggregation platform, such as:

1. Free Spins tool – with which Operators can distribute Free Spins to their players from ANY vendor consumed via Fusion. With the Fusion Back Office Tool, creating free spins has never been easier. It is comprised of just one quick step which allows operators to create personalized promotions, while giving them full control of the promotion settings. This marketing tool allows operators to easily give their players alluring incentives to try new games and keep winning in their favourite ones.

2. Tournaments tool which is also available with ANY game/vendor (not Just Wizard) consumed via Fusion. Operators can set up tournaments effortlessly, selecting players, games, timing, conditions, and rewards with total flexibility. Leader boards are displayed in-game, providing another edge, as players can track their progress as they battle their way to the top.

3. Raffle tool, with the same availability as Tournaments but with different awarding mechanism. Our partners can seamlessly create raffle promotions across all games and provide their players with extra winning chances for their activities in your website.  Multiple reward options are available, including cash prizes and free spins.

4. Spin that Wheel tool, which is also available as a stand alone tool. Spin That Wheel™ helps grow player engagement and LTV while increasing GGR with no added cost

 Our commercial team will be happy to do a demo if anyone is interested!

Beside slot machines and other classic casino games, we can find in your catalog a special section dedicated to Instant Win games. Would you explain to our readers what these games are and if you plan to expand your collection in the future?

 Our instant win or scratch card portfolio comprises of more than 10 easy to understand, traditional games. They’re fast loading and really popular in certain markets, with game rules varying from match 3 symbols or finding the cash to win. Our diverse slot portfolio definitely allows us to expand on these in future, linking the game types, and we are always looking to expand our portfolio to remain competitive.

In March you launched Teddy’s Tavern, an Irish themed slot machine to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. This game contains a unique mechanic called DigiDrop, which multiplies the wins. Can you suggest other slot machines with exciting mechanics like this to our readers?

Quite unique isn’t it! It’s simplicity and big paying potential is definitely attractive. I’ll let the cat out the bag, we’re actually working on an upgraded version of Teddy’s Tavern! Keep an eye on our upcoming roadmap as the second DigiDrop game guarantees to offer more!

Do you operate only in Europe or do you also have business in other markets?

Our games are certified for close to 20 jurisdictions globally, so we enjoy quite a large reach. Our main focus, as with many others, is the United States of course.

What upcoming releases can we expect from you in the next months?

We just launched our second Megaways game, Dragons of the North Megaways, following the success of the original release. We have a well balanced mix of games planned for release, of which there are 2 per month. 

If you are curious to try Wizard’s slot games we suggest you to start with Froots or Vikings Glory, which you can try for free on our platform without registering!